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Social & Emotional Learning for the Classroom

Short character-based videos (3-5 min) with “Done for You” follow-up lessons that require very little (to no) prep!

Professional & Personal Development

Teachers talking to Teachers about best practices, biggest pitfalls, and strategies that help unleash learning

Ice Breaker Tutorials

Quick-hitting activities that increase student engagement, and build human connections.  All laid out in short videos (no guesswork!)

Today’s reality.

Kids skip school everyday for the fear of


Years old is the average age of


Youth today will attempt


the CURE is


(through videos just like this!)


Student engagement

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Culture in teacher’s lounge

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Connection in school community

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What we know.

With intention and execution, these can be the reality.  Let the Human Connection Hub help you get there. Sign up for your school all-access trial!

Don’t take our word.

Joe, your interview about stress and anxiety with Dr.Huebner is incredible. These are extremely beneficial. All educators deal with children with anxiety and most do not know how to handle it.
Tara Henry

Educator, Decorah Middle School

I loved this video so much man! Thanks for coming to Maccray and speaking it really did help. I hope to stay positive and motivated and keep on the path for my YouTube career! Thanks for everything

Junior, Maccray High School

We did the “I Stand for This” activitiy that you shared! So awesome! These are the perfect ‘on-ramps’ to a discussion that teachers are craving!
Tim Felderman

Principal, West Delaware HS

Everytime we told our 8th graders we had a new video from “the Motivational Ninja” they cheered…literally.
Jamie Jurkovich

Head of Middle School, St. Thomas Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my whole district purchase access?
Absolutely!  Call 1.888.TILL360 (1.888.845.5360) to learn more!  You can also email us at:
What grade levels is this for?

The Hub will serve Elementary, Middle and High School students, teachers, and parents.

We will continue to grow our lower Elementary Character Shorts videos and lessons, but for now, the ideal student ages are 3rd-12th grade.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! However, we bill our client’s on an annual basis.  Cancel at any time, but you’ll continue to have access until your 12 months subscription is up in its entirety.

I forgot my username or password

It happens! Simply click here to set up a new login.

Is it cool to share my account information with others?

No…it’s really not.  This is how we’re able to keep the Hub up and running and constantly creating new content for you! 

On top of that, sharing accounts doesn’t really align with the “character messages” these videos are all about!

How often will new content be added?

Our plan is to upload 4 new videos every month. One video from each of our 4 categories – Student Character Videos, Ice Breakers, Professional Development, and Parents.

Can I use this as a parent?

100%!!!! In fact, we’ll have specific videos and lessons that are designed to help parents engage with their kids. Parents have already raved about how well these videos have connected with their kids!

How will I be billed? The pricing shows monthly, but states “Billed Annually”

When you invest in the HCH you are investing in a full year. We show the monthly price so you can see the breakdown.

I still have issues not addressed in the FAQ’s

Sorry about that! Send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Send questions to