Introduction to Lesson 1

Introduction to Tasha Schuh and the Power of PATH.

Everyone needs PATH! At the age of 16, Tasha experienced a life-changing accident that left her a C-5 quadriplegic. Her sense of purpose plummeted as she acknowledged a harsh reality: her old life was gone and she had to find the courage to adapt to life as the NEW Tasha Schuh.

We all are on a path in our race of life. I believe that if we pace ourselves toward understanding PATH, we will move in the direction toward success in our race. It helped me in my life, and I believe it will help you in yours.

Tasha Schuh

Lesson 1 directly addresses Tasha’s path toward healing after her tragic accident. She affirms that PATH (Purpose, Attitude, Team, Hope), a tool she discovered that helped her build resilience and connectedness, can help youth who may be facing unwelcome change and adversity in life.

Instructor: Choose the order in which you assign these content items. Enhance the Power of PATH Curriculum by including items marked Optional or Bonus as time permits.

Feel free to use this intro as a handout for students in Lesson 1 since it is an overview for teachers AND students.