Introduction to Lesson 2

The Power of Purpose in Our Race of Life

PURPOSE is Now! Tasha Schuh and the Power of PATH lessons stress that a student’s purpose is not some far-off future goal. We all have a purpose as human beings, to make a daily impact, at any age, at any time. But this purpose is NOT contingent upon accomplishing that goal in the future, even though our culture sends this message and often makes it more complicated than it needs to be. 

Students often think, “I’ll have purpose if my YouTube Channel gets attention.” Or, “I’ll find purpose when I hit it big as a famous musician.” Those are worthy goals. But purpose, fulfillment, and passion can be experienced right now along the journey to achieving future goals. One way to do this is by simplifying or focusing our purpose by being kind to others and answering the call to help a person who we see is struggling. If students can see that their daily choices contribute to the people around them in the world right now, they will feel valued and validated. They will begin to know their purpose. 

We want students to feel that they have a place, make a contribution, feel needed, and in doing so understand their value right now. Choices students make in their day-to-day life will contribute to this sense of purpose. 

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) clarifies how PURPOSE results in better overall health. Published in October of 2018, JAMA cites a study completed by the Harvard School of Public Health and supported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This report shares data tracked between 2006 and 2010 which shows that people are more likely to remain healthy and physically strong as they age if they maintain a high sense of purpose. Knowing this may help young people direct the choices they make today. Some students do better in school, some are more resilient, and many are healthier because they have a sense of purpose in their day-to-day lives. Negative choices, words, and actions can hurt this direction toward purpose because they can potentially lead to regret and guilt. We can’t take things back once they are said or done. As Tasha puts it in her keynote presentation, “Every choice we make matters, and those choices not only affect us, but they affect everyone around us. It’s so important to think before we act and know that our actions can either hurt or help someone. Our words, whether written, spoken, or typed, have a huge impact. Kindness is so important!” 

Lesson 2 teaches that although all students have purpose now, this lesson affirms that choices made in the present time have a tremendous impact on future purpose

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